Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to my bag...

If you were to be trapped on an island and you only had one thing you can bring with you there, what'll it be?

Your cellphone, sans the charger? What good is that?... Your trendy laptop? And if you run out of batt, how can you kill all the pigs with your angry birds? Or your freshly delivered iPad2, and if there's no wifi, you will have a very ergonomic tray fit for cookies and tea.

But not me -- of all the things that I can take with me, it's my most precious bag. And if you know me like my husband or BFF, you'd know that my bags are no ordinary bags. Imagine her little tote in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I'd have a blast if my bag could hold a tent fit for me and my boys!

But that's how essential my bag is for me. It is basic, indispensable and utterly necessary for obvious reasons. It holds my identity, and hosts loads of other things that are important to me -- from phones to make-up, from pens to life-saving pills, and toys for my small and big boys. Most of all, it speaks of the kind of person that I am: from my choice of style and color to my preferred brand.

And so as I start this new blog (will be migrating some of my other work from Friendster), I am not only letting you peek into my sackful of secrets, but I'm letting you in on my most precious thoughts.

So welcome to...my Bag! :-)


  1. Thanks, Sandy-gurl! Its good to be back! But really migrating pa lang.
    More writing to come soon!