Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I wanna grow old with you... (a re-post from Malakai's Pages)

What is it about old couples who remain affectionate to each other even in their twilight years?
This morning, I went to a famous hilot in Bicutan that we now go to at least once a month. His lines were usually long and so this morning, we made an effort to be up early and be there early (Kai included). While we were not the first in line, we were close (5th? 6th? not sure anymore).
And so while the usual hilot and small talk droned in my ears, a dilapidated ownder-type of jeep pulls up in my line of vision. It was an unwanted distraction, but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the jeep anyways.
Out comes an old guy, bent and spent. He walks to the back of the jeep and pulls down a cane and props it by the side of the passenger’s side. He then pulls up the cover to reveal a small and frail lady, her body more bent and perhaps more spent than the guy.
Slowly, they make their way to the taller of the chairs in the receiving area of Mang Kulas. The others in waiting made way for the lady and her escort. As soon as they’ve sat down, all who stood also sat as if they’ve paid homage to a queen.
Soon thereafter, they quickly settle — placed their bag beside Lola, and the cane in front of Lolo. Then, as if its the most natural thing to do, Lolo lets his arm settle at the back of Lola’s chair, enveloping her in a loose but protective embrace.
All i could do was sigh…
Aww….some people are so blessed to have found their soulmates in this lifetime….

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