Tuesday, May 3, 2011

U-Turns (a re-post from Malakai's Pages)

At the risk of making this blog the official site for the MMDA and the LTO, this next entry is still going to be about road signs. For the longest time, i have been fascinated with U-turns — the government seems to think its God’s gift to Philippine traffic. I dare say its not, at least for some areas its working, for others, it’s most definitely not.
And on occasions that its not working, say I’m sitting behind the wheel for more than 45 minutes, just inching my way through C5, I keep on thinking how badly this situation fared against traffic from a while back, when you had the option to go left or right or straight.
Much like how life was for me a decade ago when the promise of a winning career is for me to embrace…when everytime I would move from one company to the next is a silver plate more iridescent…when my choices were all ways to step up in every direction.
But now, life has plateaued for me when I opted to "settle down" thinking it was going to give me the much sought after peace and quiet. Now all I see is humdrum, and dull and monotony, with just my son perking up my otherwise boring day. Where did all my intersections go?
This is where I see U-turns come in quite nicely in the picture. I see it as an option to go back and re-think your path. But its not a way to go back to where you came from, that’s going to be absurd. But its a way for you to look at your life from the opposite side, from a different perspective, another point of view.
And the fact that the lack of crossroads is becoming more pronounced in my life. I’m nearing 40. I don’t want to service hotshot newbies until I’m 50. What other options do I have? Where did all my intersections go?
Am I then saying I’m tempted to make that U turn at this point in my life? I’m not saying I’m not. Go figure.

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